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Donnelly lab at the 2019 Packard Symposium

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Members of the Donnelly lab (Amanda, Jake, and Chris) attended the 2019 Robert Packard Center ALS Symposium at Johns Hopkins March 4-6, 2019 at the Four Seasons in Baltimore, MD. Events included two and a half days of scientific presentations on ALS/FTD Research and an awards reception for ALS patients and advocates. The meeting ended with competitive bowling for all participants (the Pitt and Thomas Jefferson teams made headlines). The Donnelly and Shorter labs presented their recent work published in Neuron. We also met the Phi Delta Theta brothers at Washington College in MD who raised 10K for ALS Research and donate to LiveLikeLou. Since we are the first Lab/Center funded by the LiveLikeLou Foundation, they were eager to discuss our work. Some pictures of the events are below.

RPC patient and advocate award ceremony in Baltimore.

Phi Delta Theta brothers from Washington College raised 10K for the Packard Center and raise money for LiveLikeLou. We got a chance to meet the chapter and thank them for their hard work at the RPC meeting.

Baltimore Harbor winter weather. Day one of the meeting.

Amanda and Jake replenishing their bowling teams beverage during the competitive bowling session of the RPC meeting.


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